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Welcome to the official site of BSB radio, the London-based internet radio station where we play all the best Gospel, Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop tunes. From Michael Jackson to Shirley Caesar, we’re here to bless your ears with soul-fulfilling music.


Jamaica News

  • Sunday Brew - May 9
    Golding's worrying silence on Lambert BrownTWO weeks have passed. Yet, some of the nation's citizens are still waiting to hear even a peep out of the more than quiet president of the People's National Party, Mark Golding, about his Opposition Senator Lambert Brown's outburst in the Senate in respect of… Read more »
  • Seafarers ready to head back out
    A year after they were forced to roam the high seas as countries, including Jamaica, closed their borders to international travel amid the rise in COVID-19 cases, several local seafarers are headed back to the waters.If it were up to them, they would remain on land where they admit it… Read more »
  • Tearful mom wants to attend school
    RENEISHA Spence has one wish.It is to be able to go back to school and further her education in order to help her children with their schoolwork when they ask for assistance in the midst of online schooling and the coronavirus pandemic.In an interview with the Jamaica Observer from her… Read more »
  • The suffering of Westmoreland's New Market Oval
    Children all over the world are having tough times while grappling with the effects of the novel caronavirus pandemic, but the circumstances affecting them in the New Market Oval, Westmoreland, are even more daunting.The situation remains even more grim due to the regulations surrounding the measures that require physical schools… Read more »
  • First impressions
    We are such stuffAs dreams are made on,And our little lifeIs rounded with a sleep,- ShakespeareWE may very well be the stuff that dreams are made of, but many of us can only dream of the stuff that we should be. So very often people put forth an impression of… Read more »
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